Whac-A-Mole 101

whack full sizeEver been to a carnival or arcade and played the Whac-a-Mole Game?.  There’s a platform with a top side that is solid, and has about a half dozen holes in it.  Inside each hole, a small mechanized mole is hidden.  You are given a great big, goofy, foam-rubber-headed mallet.  When the game begins, the moles pop up, for just a second, one at a time in a random order.  If you can hit one before he hides again, you get a point.  They move fast!  A second may be a generous estimate. You have a short amount of time to whack as many as possible.

If you can whack enough, you win a prize.  Usually, it’s a stuffed animal bigger than your 5 year old nephew.  Whac-a-Mole is a challenge of wits, reaction time and hand-eye coordination.  Like most carnival games, It looks easier than it is to do. If you don’t win on your first try, it’s tempting to try again.  How hard can it be to get a few more moles next time?

The game is so popular that Mattel created a tabletop kids’ version.  It sells for about $25.00. whack toy

What does that have to do with a blog about MMO’s?  Well, today KingsIsle announced that now Wizard101 Test realm is open!  Huzzah!  How did they know I needed something else to do during the holiday season!    I thought about it and it dawned on me, we are all playing Whac-a-Mole now, a more time-consuming and expensive version, but still, pretty much the same game.  For the past six months KingsIsle has been setting it up, and I would say with this new test realm announcement, we have a pretty complete set of “Moles” to whack.

  • Avalon – Whack!
  • Pirate101 Beta – Whack!
  • Pirate101 Live!  Whack!
  • Mega Pets-including the need for extreme gardening- Whack!
  • Pirate101 on Test –Whack!
  • Azteca on test realm! Whack!
  • Azteca goes live-Whack!
  • Transcendent Crafter-Whack!
  • Pirate101 test returns with a brand new PVP system-Whack!
  • Wizard101 Test realm opens to test new crafting and a new mini game.- Whack!

If you can keep up with the whacking of all these moles before the next one arrives, you truly deserve the 3 foot tall stuffed polar bear.  Except you don’t get one.

Now that I latched on to this analogy, I’m not stopping there.  There’s another version in full swing now, the Hoard Pack Whack.

A new Hoard pack is out?  It has the BEST WAND EVER introduced in this game?  Must have one!  Spare no expense, buy more Crowns, MUST HAVE! Many crowns are spent over the weeks it takes to finally get the lucky, lucky drop. Now all unlucky friends will be envious.  The arena shall be conquered. Today is a great day!

What does the next day bring?

A new Hoard pack!  And guess what?  It has the BEST WAND EVER introduced in this game! Whack!

I think I will put the Mattel Whac-a-Mole on my Christmas list.  It is far less expensive than paying for game subscriptions alone.  For the less than price of 3 month’s subscription, you can own this game that will last years! And you don’t have to worry about needing to gamble your money away continually for better and better mallets.  And it’s far less time consuming.  You might actually find more time for that elusive “real life” thing.  Family members will gladly take turns whacking real-life toy moles with you.

The KI version seems to be a quite competitive genre.  Their moles are popping up faster and faster, daring the most dedicated players to just try to keep up.  My arms are aching, my head is spinning from staring at the holes, I’m exhausted, and today I was asked to help test the Pirate PVP system over the weekend,  And then I see the Wizard101 test realm notice.   I just don’t have any more “whacks”  in me.

Santa, please bring me a Whac-a-Mole game.

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